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Midnight Cat – Watercolour painting by Kirsten Bailey

Hi Everyone,

Quick update

Tips and insights into the July New Moon are up on GoodVibeAstrology.com. Let’s chat about it there!

Align with the Stars

Our nest call is on July 11th where we’ll be talking about astrology and effortless manifesting, particularly around this Full Moon Cycle. Details here …

Dream Come True Astrology
Our next course at GVA starts in July and will be open to the complete astro novice as well as the sage and savvy.

In Dream Come True Astrology, Jeannette and Kim play with a variety of LOA manifesting techniques to help you point your life in the direction you want to go.

Be it love, money, career, health, home, travel, creativity, spirituality or partnerships, this course will pave your path with gold. More Details …

The Karma Course has just wrapped up. You can listen to all 7 Recordings, read supplementary material, conversations and join in on the conversations, discussing your own chart and the Karmic and past life implications. Start HERE.

Astrology Readings from Kim
My Astro Shop is open for a select number of readings in 2017. Please email first for availability.

My latest release is out now – The Blood in the Beginning – and Ava Sykes Novel. Find this novel in a store near you.

You can also learn more aboutme at AvaSykes.com, Instagram as @a.k.wilder, and on FaceBook and Twitter.  Or on GoodVibeAstrology.com where I teach law of attraction and astrology.

I  posts writerly articles at the Supernatural Underground on the 16th of every month and run Save the Day Writer’s Community on Facebook. Check out the daily Astro-LOA Flash horoscopes on Facebook.