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‘Face the Music’ by Annadusa

Hi everyone,

As you may know, my daily astrology weather posts are on found on Facebook – Astro-LOA Flash, and more in depth Astrology & Law of Attraction offerings over at GoodVibeAstrolgy.com But I wanted to post updates here, just in case you having seen the links yet.

We are in the dark moon phase until the Total Eclipse (see times below), so remember to relax, rest and restore. Now! Your goal is peace.

Total Solar Eclipse August 21st/22nd

The powerhouse eclipse of August is on the 21st/22nd. This is a TOTAL solar eclipse (New Moon) with the North Node only 3 degrees away. Basically bang on!

The house that holds 28 degrees of Leo is where you point. Be ready to change up your look, attitude and perspective here.

The more you go into transform-for-the-better mode, the more benefits you’ll receive. Start practicing now by breathing deeply, taking in every experience and feeling grateful.

This eclipse pulls in powerful allies: It squares Mars and trines Uranus, gods of initiation and radical reinvention.

Technical NoteThe Moon goes VOC at the moment of the eclipse meaning those links to Mars and Uranus are already over by the time of the event. If you’ve done your house work, been honest with yourself and others and are not repressing your true desires, this is going to be a blast of ‘new beginnings’ mojo!

To find where to observe the total solar eclipse, go here.


L.A. – Monday 11.30
NEW YORK – Monday 14.30
LONDON – Monday 19.30
SYDNEY – Tuesday 4.30

Prep for the Eclipse Season Gifts

Ways to prepare for the eclipse opportunities include:

  1. clean and decutter
  2. clear the air emotionally
  3. get more rest
  4. boost your nutrition
  5. find time to exercise
  6. appreciate what is
  7. amp up self love

Mercury Rx August-September 2017

Mercury, messenger of the gods, is Stationary/Rx in Virgo, then moves backwards into Leo until Sept 5.

It’s a time to rethink your steps, reconsider offers, reflect on your choices and redo where necessary. Sure, mechanics and technology can go a bit haywire, communications, keys, tickets, bookings, contracts, letters and words too.

Don’t fight it. Reflect. This is a time of readjustment, especially in the house(s) where you find 28 Leo to 12 Virgo.

This is where you want to contemplate, rethinking your previous ideas, approach or beliefs.

First – Appearance, personality traits, outlook on life

Second – $$$, resources, talents, peace of mind

Third – Teaching, learning, writing, talking, connecting

Fourth – Home, family, ancestors, emotional ground

Fifth – Creative expression, offspring (books/kids etc), romance

Sixth – Health, pets, daily routine, magic

Seventh – Socially significant relationships, contracts

Eighth – sex, death, taxes, shared resources, trust

Ninth – New horizons, travel, beliefs, WWW

Tenth – Career, mission, profession, public relations

Eleventh – Friends, goals for the future, groups

Twelfth – unconscious, dreams, giving and receiving, meditative states

Happy Eclipse Season, Everyone!