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Watercolor by Kovacs Anna Brigitta

Hey everyone! I just posted the scoop on Jupiter into Capricorn over on the GVA Blog.

Here’s the short version. Read more in depth there, or on the Forum.

The Astro: After twelve months in Sagittarius, Jupiter crosses over the AP and into the sign of Capricorn! The last time this happened was December 19, 2007

Jupiter into Capricorn

LA – Dec 2 – 10:20 am

NY – Dec 2 – 1:20 pm

LON – Dec 2 – 5:20 pm

SYD – Dec 3 – 5:20 am

What is this new vibration like?

Remember, the planets represent an energy that wants to express through you. The signs represent HOW that energy expresses.

With Jupiter, a symbol of expansion, spontaneity, excitement, optimism and opportunity, wearing the cloak of Saturn, containment, thoughtful planning, scrutiny, ambition and due diligence, the combination could be amazing. Getting serious about growth and prosperity. Turning ideas into practical results. Looking twice before you leap into the next big adventure. Committing to the things you love.

Feeling like a kid again!

Yes, this placement is traditionally called Jupiter’s ‘Fall’ because of the contrast. Expansion vs containment. Spontaneity vs planning. Winging it vs set goals. Goofing off vs working hard. Visionary vs. Pragmatist.

But the key is in allowing for both.

Use the goat kid as your example. Surefooted on the cliff’s edge. Bounding up the mountain with glee. Adventurous but always coming back to mom when called.

There is tremendous opportunity in the contrast.

So, take a look at the Capricorn sector of your chart. Jupiter will be blessing it for the next twelve months. And you have the chance to feel like a kid again, in all the divers and contrasting ways possible…

Have a question? Drop into the forum for a chat!

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