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Mid-Windter Solstice and Eclipse

Capricorn by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

Welcome the mid-summer/mid-winter solstice as the Sun – symbol of our purpose, path and power –  moves into the Cardinal Earth sign of Capricorn. It doesn’t get any more solid than this for planing, paving and producing the entire New Year!

Sun Ingress into Capricorn
LA – Dec 21 – 8:19 pm
NY – Dec 21 – 11:19 pm
LA – Dec 22 – 4:19 am
LA – Dec 22 – 3:19 pm

Crossing the 0° Degree Aries Point at 0° Capricorn, the Sun marks the solstice point, traditionally a time of renewal. What better day to connect to your larger story arc intentions? This placement says, “I produce” and the urge to bring tangible results to fruition couldn’t be stronger.

A lot will happen over the next 10 days while the sun transits the first Decan of Capricorn – Think of this phase as affirming your healthy ambition and drive for self-sufficiency.  Perhaps odd for this festive time of year, you may feel reclusive, wanting to work alone. Plan alone. Decide now how much you will honer your inner drives or put them on the shelf to fulfill other’s expectations. Hint: the more you tolerate, the more you pinch off your own flow of Source energy and abundance.

And please remember, the eclipse is on the 25/26th is nigh – Read your Solar Eclipse Scopes 2019 – 2020.

Watch the Youtube Tutorial on how to wrap up 2019 and bring in 2020.

Solar Eclipse Intentions for 2020

New Moon ECLIPSE 04°Capricorn 06′
LA – Dec 25th – 9:13 pm
NY – Dec 26th – 12:13 am
Lon – Dec 26th – 5:13 am
Syd – Dec 26th – 4:13 pm

Think of it as when your release powerful intentions out into the universe. Meanwhile, measure and sift. The process of collecting and organizing, allowing and structuring, will hone your drives for the future.

Also don’t forget that Capricorn is earthy, sensual and potent. You might want to ‘work’ on that too!

Happy Solstice and New Moon Eclipse!