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VampiresGoneWildFebruary 12, 2013

Vampires Gone Wild

Four amazing stories from four bestselling authors!

Blood and Water Trailer

Beneath the waves of San Francisco Bay lives a
vampiric race that wants nothing to do with the “landers” except to feed on them. But when Stellan sets eyes on Angelina, everything changes.

Read an excerpt here.

Synopses/reviews of all four novellas at Unwrapping Romance.

Vampires Gone Wild with Kim Falconer, Kerrelyn Sparkes, Pamela Palmer, Amanda Arista

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Tatsania’s Gift – A Novella – September 2012

What she left behind could change the world . . .

Tatsania’s Gift Book Trailer by MonkeyMe Films

Tatsania’s Gift is set on a dystopian Earth in the 24th century where there’s no clean water, little food and life is a battle against the armed forces of ASSIST and others desperate to survive. Six-year-old Kali is forced to fight for her life when her mother is dragged away by ASSIST and two cruel ‘aunties’ turn up to take care of her. But her mother has left her something precious, a gift that could save the world. With her friend Nell Kali discovers her own magical powers and joins an underground movement where they learn the skills they will need to battle ASSIST.

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Path of the Stray – #1 in the Quantum Encryption Series
Featured on the Ian Somerhalder Foundation Book Club

Join me, Ian, Kim Klingliner and all the ISF Team where we are creating a community think tank, talking about characters we love, (or love to hate), discussing the scenes and events that move us, and playing with ideas that support our connection to all life, the environment, mind, body, spirit, personal power, law of attraction, astrology, magic, self- awareness and consciousness! Book Trailer by @MonkeyMe Films

Note: FREE shipping worldwide through and Amazon Kindle.

Quantum Encryption 2010 – 2011

Book # 1 of Quantum Encryption – Path of the Stray

A fabulous new trilogy set in the popular worlds of Quantum Enchantment

The magical lands of Gaela are on the brink of temple wars when Tryn Bistoria finds herself trapped in the caves of Corsanon. As she and her familiar escape, a terrible power is unleashed. On a distant Earth, Janis the ‘techno-witch’ must hide Jarrod before ASSIST destroys him. But as they flee to Gaela, Jarrod and a stray Lupin disappear. Janis’ daughter Ruby searches, but can she do what must be done for all to survive?

FREE shipping worldwide through and Amazon Kindle.

Book # 2 of Quantum Encryption – Road to the Soul

Through darkness, the heart will find a way . . .

Sequestered on Gaela, Jarrod bides his time, staying hidden until a girl named Bree finds an artifact that shouldn’t exist. The mystery leads Jarrod back to the lost southern continent where he discovers a sentient being like himself, only this version is programmed for survival at any cost. Janis Richter is at the mercy of Jarrod’s ruthless counterpart and no one may be unable to save her. Luka
Paree and Ruby are playing a dangerous game with the ASSIST … trackers hunting resistance members are closing in.

FREE shipping worldwide through and Amazon Kindle.

Book # 3 Quantum Enchantment – Journey by Night

A fast-paced story of fantasy and occult adventure, astrology and martial arts …

Desperation leads Nellion Paree to the forbidden spell … but she accidentally awakens a power that could destroy the many-worlds forever. Rosette and her familiar Drayco return to Corsanon to face an invasion. They soon join the temple cats and shape-shifting wolves to make a final stand against their enemies.

On a future Earth, Kreshkali uncovers a portal built by the allied states. Now the survival of both worlds is in her hands … but the only way out is straight through the armies of ASSIST.

FREE shipping worldwide through and Amazon Kindle.

Quantum Enchantment Series 2009-2010

#1 Quantum Enchantment – The Spell of Rosette

Rosette is a child of two worlds: Gaela, steeped in magic, and Earth choked with failing technology. The key to their survival is literally in her blood, a spell passed down the family line to preserve the one they’re sworn to protect. Unaware of her lineage, Rosette runs scared when her family is murdered. She takes refuge with Nell, a shape-shifting high priestess of the ancient blood, who teaches her the arts of witchcraft, stars and sword. Shadowed by the fabled Kreshkali, Rosette and the temple cat, Drayco, find themselves little more than a step ahead of those who will do anything to control the portal that links the many-worlds.

FREE shipping worldwide through and Amazon Kindle.

Book # 2 Quantum Enchantment – Arrows of Time

When a time portal spins Rosette and Jarrod off in different directions, she is caught in a loop of repeating events. A strange bard helps her find a way back home, but everything has changed … Jarrod is missing, her mentor is a child, and women are forbidden to carry swords. While Kreshkali leads the survivors on Earth, Rosette and her temple cat, Drayco, turn to the future for help. But which one? Time is their only hope, and it′s playing tricks …

FREE shipping worldwide through and Amazon Kindle.

Book # 3 of Quantum Enchantment – Strange Attractors

. . . brings the events begun in THE SPELL OF ROSETTE to a dramatic and gripping end. Corsanon′s warriors are a vanished race, defeated in the temple wars long ago … or so Rosette thought. She changes her mind when the portal drops her in the middle of an armed legion. Before she and Drayco can escape, Teg is injured and the Sword Master imprisoned. Unknown to all, the corridors hide their greatest threat, weaving magic so tight that even Kreshkali can’t see it. A battle ensues and the fabric of the many-worlds starts to unravel. Only one of the Richter blood can put things right, but which descendant will use the spell?

  FREE shipping worldwide through and Amazon Kindle.

My suggested reading order with links to each book.

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Journey by Night book trailer produced by Shawn Wilder @MonkeyMe Films

Quantum Enchantment Book Trailer produced by Mary Victoria

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