Align with the Stars – January Call


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Consulting the Oracle by John Waterhouse

Over at Good Vibe Astrology, Jeannette Maw and I will be talking about setting intentions for 2015, with an Astro-LOA twist! We are combining Jeannette’s brilliant How to Set a New Year Intention approach with a simple Solar house transit tool. It’s easy, you’ll see, and a great way to start the new year. We’ll also be highlighting some of the more potent astrology transits coming up in 2015.

Our monthly “Align with the Stars” calls are a chance for everyone to learn how to put Astro-LOA to practice. All welcome to the live gathering.

Feel free to listen and/or join in, ask questions or stream online.

If you want to use you chart as an example, that would be great. Please have a link to it ready either from the Gallery or your own upload link. To put your chart up in the gallery just follow this simple tutorial.

JANUARY Free Call 2015

LA – Tuesday January 6  – 12 pm
NY – Tuesday January 6  – 3 pm
LON – Tuesday January 6  – 8 pm
SYD – Wednesday January 7 – 7 am (I know! School Holidays )

To stream online, (or download after the call) visit Good Vibe Astrology on TalkShoe.

GoodVibeAstroD52cR06bP01ZL-Hoover6b_smlOr dial in on Phone Number: (724) 444-7444 Call ID: 25859

Open to everyone.

See you there!


Sixty Eight days of Exaltation


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Aquarius from Paul Kiritsis, Down the Rabbit Hole

Astro-LOA Flash: In orb of the full moon, Mercury, messenger of the gods, enters the sign of Aquarius and remains there for 68 days. This is no ordinary transit; it is Mercury’s once a year sojourn through the sign of its exaltation!

Consider this the best position for the planet of communication, thoughts, ideas and knowledge. Watch the Mercury by transit video tutorial here.

In esoteric astrology, it is said that Uranus, modern ruler of Aquarius, lends intuitiveness and innovation to the intellectual gifts of Mercury. No fog. No muddle. Just pure awareness.

Think of Uranus as one of the most exciting planets to work with in deliberate creation as this is where we blast through glass ceilings and break out of limiting beliefs! It’s insanely powerful energy!

Click to Expand

Click to Expand

With the lengthy stay in the sign of the Water-bearer, we have plenty of time to utilize this energy, making brilliant choices for career, home, creativity and relating. Remember, Mercury is the planet of consciousness, exalted in the higher octave of Uranus/Aquarius. Talk about a chance to expand!

Usually staying in one sign for a month or so, the longer transit in Aquarius is due to the upcoming retrograde period where Mercury appears to slow down, turn around and go backwards. You can leverage the Rx by taking time to rethink decisions made over 2014, reflecting and readjusting as insights appear.

And they will appear!

Mercury is a trickster archetype, as is Uranus, ruler of Aquarius. Combine the two and you have surprise, in all its forms. The key is to suspend judgment (it’s neither ‘good’ nor ‘bad’ but energy, just as it is) and embrace the opportunity to expand.

In the mythologies of many people, the mythic figure who is the embodiment of the unexpected (synchronicity) is the Trickster, who steps godlike through the cracks and flaws in the ordered world of ordinary reality, bringing good luck and bad, profit and loss.(Combs and Holland, 2000)

More on the retrograde period as it approaches, but for now, check out the ephemeris above and mark important dates (transits through your Aquarius house(s) and aspects to planets). As with all transits, awareness is key. Use this energy to enhance every aspect of your life!


For more on this topic,  tune in to the GVA’s monthly free call in January where we learn a new way to set intentions – with an Astro-LOA twist.

You can also join GVA to take part in ongoing courses, forums and hands on discussions.

See you there!

Powerhouse Full Moon


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crossroad2This is a POWERHOUSE  full moon, one of the triggers for the ongoing Uranus – Pluto square. And don’t forget the Nodes . . .

Jeannette Maw and I will be talking about this on January 6th/7th, on our monthly 2015 Year Ahead – Talkshoe call. Feel free to join in, or stream online.

Meanwhile, whatever has been brewing – kicking up dust, getting under your skin yet still exciting you to achieve and accomplish more – since early 2012 or so, is heating up.

There could be some minor explosions, not necessarily in a disastrous context, but perhaps in the form of epiphanies, confirmations, validations or inspirations to clear the air.

Think of this as a opportunity to kiss goodbye anything you’ve been ‘tolerating’ and put your energy into things that make you smile. Period. 2015 is the year to connect to inner guidance. Start now. Listen. Appreciate. Respond.

Sign by sign hints below. What’s happening for you on this full moon? Comments always welcome.

FULL MOON @14 Cancer
January 4th/5th
LA– Sunday – 8:54 pm
NY – Sunday – 11:54 pm
LON – Monday – 4:54 am
SYD – Monday – 3:54 pm

AriesARIES: This is time to bring projects to fruition. With your 4th house home sector activated, you want to tidy up loose ends and check and recheck all goals and directives. Are you headed in the direction you really want to go? Do repairs. De-clutter, inside and out. Adjust course. Laugh at trouble!

TaurusTAURUS: Communication with others, especially those you see on a daily basis, has the focus now. There is a surprise there! Suddenly people are saying things that resonate with your soul and give you instant clarity on what step to take next, or not. Either way, the support, or contrast, is instructional. Listen in!

GeminiGEMINI: Any contrasting views around money or shared resources will resolve with everyone’s best interest at heart. Everyone’s!. When it comes to core values and authenticity, you’ve got it all going on. It’s smoother sailing ahead. Hidden in the depths emerges a new talent or skill. Cherish it!

CancerCANCER: Your full moon of the year brings a change of heart. Whatever it is you’ve been brooding over, the worry dissolves! You are not going to live that way anymore. Prep for a mini-identity revelation which leads to authentic growth. You feel right when you own your power. Head that way.

LeoLEO: Whatever focus you’ve had on your daily work and ritual routine, it’s time to rein it in and do some soul searching. Venture more deeply into the realm of your dreams, the language of synchronicity and the power of myth. Spend some quiet time on your own. The Muse has something to communicate!

VirgoVIRGO: Your friends and associates want you to step up in a new way. Could be a leadership opportunity and a chance to redirect goals, or even an organization, towards greater functionality, greater compassion and creativity. Set any reserve aside and rise to the occasion. Your instigate renewal and illumination.

LibraLIBRA: This moon highlights more than your career, mission and profession: it’s about your life’s work. Tune into what you want and own it. You’ll get the notice and attention you need to take the next step. Think big, creative and productive. There is always more room at the top, for you.

ScorpioSCORPIO: Your beliefs about ‘reality’ are up for questioning and you can see the bigger picture, beyond cultural and social conditioning. This is a time to explore your core thoughts, inside and out. Ask which serve you, and then which could serve you better. The doors to expansion open.

SagittariusSAGITTARIUS: The attention turns away from personal security towards joint resources and shared intimacy. How are you connecting to others? Is there true communion? Sharing? Co-creating? Is your heart feeling in alignment with your goals and core values? Answers lead to a new path, new love.

CapricornCAPRICORN: This power lunation in your house of relationship highlights how you balance autonomy AND connection. The key word is balance. Both are authentic, and both deserve reverence and appreciation. Harmony is your goal, not isolation, or smothering. Seek the center of your heart, and live it!

AquariusAQUARIUS: This full moon asks you to assess your health and daily care of the body. Really look at what you eat, drink and do with the physical ‘you.’ The opportunity for clarity around any long-term complaints or symptoms is here. Eyes open. With these insight comes health, abundance and peace.

piscesPISCES: The light shines on your individuality, creative expression and the inner child at heart. Tune into to your sense of joy, play and romantic longings, and bring those aspects out into the world. Assess if you have time for adventures for the fun of it. If not, why not? Seriously, play heals.

Have a wonderful FULL MOON!

x Kim

Happy New Year – Astro-LOA Highlights for 2015


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Christian Schloe – Surrealist Visions

On the eve of the New Year 2015, I thought it would be fun to hit the highlights and get us lined up to Pre-Pave the most fabulous year ever. I also wanted a go-to post to refer back to over the year, and dial in on the best way to set 2015 intentions!

Are you with me?

Over at GVA, Jeannette Maw and I will be doing a 12 month call series  to explore these highlights deeper –  Astro-Empower 2015 for GVA Circle Members. You can join us online, or dial in on the day. Everyone welcome.

Highlights of 2015

* The Grand Cardinal Cross ie Uranus square Pluto, Nodes and Luminary activation

This is basically the Uranus/Pluto square that has been in orb since 2010. It makes it’s final exact conjunction in MARCH. It may be helpful to look back over the last 5 years, especially checking in with early 2012, April/May 2013 and January 3/4, 2015 for insights into what’s been challenged, changed and evolved. They key here is to transform, from the inside out. If you are pointing the finger at someone else, or a situation(s), ask what it might have to do with you. This is your primary purpose in 2015, to address ‘where’ this aspect (and the transiting nodes) are activating your chart. If you aren’t sure, ask in the comments and we’ll help you discover it.

The Uranus/Pluto square, what my friend Mystic Medusa calls the Zap-Zone, is in orb all year, triggered to a peak on the following dates:

* Jan 4th, 2015: Full Moon at 14 Cancer
* Mar 16, 2015 – FINAL Uranus square Pluto 16 Aries/Capricorn
* Apr 4, 2014 - Full Moon Eclipse 14 Aries
* Apr 15, 2015 – Icarus conjunct Uranus 16 Aries
* Jul 15th, 2015: New Moon at 23 degrees Cancer

* Mercury Rx Cycles 2015

Mercury the trickster, planet of communication, messenger of the gods, is retrograde three times in 2015. This is like the 4 of Swords in the Tarot where we pause, slow down and rethink, reconsider, review and reevaluate ideas, feelings, plans and promises, particularly in the area of life indicated by the zodiac degrees. Check them out.

Here is a list of the times/degrees (EST – thank you Cafe Astrology)

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 9.43.30 am




Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 9.43.42 am

* Chinese New Year of the Goat  – February 18/19, 2015

This is a very powerful New Moon and ‘changing of the guardians’.

LA – Feb 18 – 3:47 pm
NY – Feb 18 – 6:47 pm
Lon – -Feb 18 – 11:47 pm
Syd – – Feb 19 – 10:47 pm

We’ll do a call on this topic in February for sure!

* Mars-Venus and Eros-Psyche in Pisces with Neptune and Chrion and over the Zero Degree Aries Point!

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge


A line up like this doesn’t happen every year. The last one may not have even been in your lifetime!

You’ll want to tune into your powers of attraction, passion and deepest desires where you find 0 Pisces to 0 Aries in your chart. Here’s the Ephemeris:

We’ll be doing a call specifically on this topic in February 2015 over at GVA. Keep an eye on the calendar or sign up as a GVA member if you want to delve deeper.

* The Season of the Eclipses

* March 20 – New Moon Eclipse @29 Pisces – This is the last degree of the last sign. Ask, “What will I expiate?” You give something back to the gods today.
* April 4 – Full Moon Eclipse @14 Libra – Activation of the Uranus – Pluto square. You get to see what is left to process. In @technicolor.
* September 13 – New Moon Eclipse @20 Virgo – Do the de-clutter of the year.
September 27 – Full Moon Eclipse @4 Aries – a full on physical body – love – check- in!

* Venus Rx in 2015

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Periodically, the Synodic cycle has Venus turning retrograde once every 18 months or so. We are in for another one this year, a chance to reflect on our relationships, values, self-worth and esthetics.

Active from June to October, you’ll want to pre-pave this, big time! Look at your chart to find the range of degrees between 14 Leo and 0 Virgo. That is the house(s) you want to activate and immerse in for the best results.

More on this when the time comes.

* Jupiter in Leo and Virgo

Jupiter as an astrological archetype is know as the ‘Greater Benefic‘ It’s the largest planet in our solar system and is symbolic of large scale experiences – big wins, big times, big love. You get the picture.

Jupiter is optimistic, popular, expansive and generous. Some call him the ‘Cosmic Santa Clause’ (others reserve that title for Neptune) but all agree, Jupiter lifts our hopes, helps us aim high and shows us new horizons.

But what’s really going on when we experience this energy is we begin to believe in ourselves. That’s what makes it happen!

The power of the vibrations of confidence, commitment and belief . . . can turn dark horses into champions, long shots into heroes and underdogs into top dogs. -Jeannette Maw

Confidence means you believe in yourself and where Jupiter changes signs, it symbolizes where we can amp up that belief and make things bigger! Check where Jupiter is transiting in late Leo / early Virgo and put your focus there in 2015!

* Saturn in and out of Scorpio

As Saturn, the planet of maturity, form, structure and ‘reality building’ glides into the sign of Sagittarius, we can get quite visionary, but he doesn’t stay there for long. From June to September 2015, Saturn is back into the tail end of Scorpio. You know, the one with the sting.

Click to enlarge - from CafeAstrology

Click to enlarge – from CafeAstrology

This is a powerful symbol of expansion, inner and outer, supporting awareness and releasing resistance in all it’s forms. In other words, dropping the deliberate creator denial. How? One way is to listening to the messages  via synchronicity, body talk, projection, events and dreams. More on that in the June GVA call. All welcome to join in.

Here’s to a happy, empowered and thrilling New Year. (check out a quick guide from Jeannette Maw for setting those intentions now.

Thank you for all your support and good wishes.

Happy 2015, Love and Light,


Dark Moon Power; New Moon Scopes


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Christian Schloe - Austrian Surrealist Digital painter - Tutt'Art@ (7)

Christian Schloe – Surrealist Visions

It’s the Dark Moon now until December 21st/22nd, SOLSTICE – the perfect time to reflect on the power and energy about to shift with the final New Moon of 2014. Dark moons are for rest, recuperation, meditation and quietude. Find a place, inner and outer, that represents peace to you and go there.

New Moon 0 Capricorn 06′
LA – Sunday – 5:35 pm
NY – Sunday – 8:35 pm
Lon – Monday – 1:35 am
Syd – Monday – 12:35 pm

New Moons are perfect for setting intentions, pre-paving desires and focusing our energy on what we want, but often we’re too busy to get in touch with how we really feel. As the dark moon deepens this week, we can look back over 2014, asking what came to be. What could use some tweaking? Is there any dead wood that wants pruning?

Aligning with the current Astro can help you find the answers now, before the New Moon, and turn that knowledge into powerful transformations.

Key elements in upcoming New Moon are:

1) Uranus direct – think back to March/April 2013. What was set into motion then? You have a chance to make major adjustment there now, and move forward in new ways.

2) The Uranus/Pluto square  – It’s been in orb since 2010 but coming to its final exact alignment. What challenges have you faced? What strengths resulted?

3) Saturn leaving Scorpio to enter Sagittarius – What have you been working hard towards since late 2012? The fruits are about to ripen!

4) New Moon on the 0 degree Aries Point. What is it you want to be ‘known for’? Make sure that is part of the intentions you set on this auspicious New Moon.

Remember you get to decide how your respond to everything that comes your way. Be it old family dynamics, new romantic interest, brilliant creative dream or a job/living situ that has to change, you set the stage by how you think of it.


Click to Enlarge – New Moon Chart December 2014


 Sign by Sign tips for the Capricorn New Moon

AriesARIES: This New Moon is a laser focus on your career, mission, profession. It’s not enough to just get by. You want to express your capabilities out into the world. Ask what it is you represent and be that every time you step outside your door. Career Action time! Make a move.

TaurusTAURUS: Think new horizons as the possibilities for expansion present themselves in the new year. The focus for you is on new experiences  – going places you have never been before. Travel, meditate, learn, teach, wander beyond the beaten path. Expand your awareness now!

GeminiGEMINI: The New Moon activates your house of shared resources, collaboration and the desire to transformation. It helps if you let go of old ways of thinking about yourself and embracing the new. Include the art of receiving in this renaissance self. Abundance through joint endeavors.

CancerCANCER: The New Moon rises in your 7th house of relationships and the intentions you set now will pave the way for your all of 2015. Hint: Begin with yourself. That’s the partnership that counts! Be there for yourself, and shower your life with LOVE, appreciation and reverence.

LeoLEO: Time to address any health or healing areas. Everything you do in your day to day routine counts – exercise, nutrition and the thoughts you think! The key to manifesting the life of your dreams begins with the basics, with soap and water and the kitchen sink. Appreciate every little thing.

VirgoVIRGO: The focus for you is creative self-expression, your art, craft and recreation. What is it you love doing? More of that is in order! Your homework is to have the time of your life through play, creative practice, music, dance, theater, film . . . whatever lights you up. Romance doesn’t go astray either!

LibraLIBRA: This New Moon is in your house of secret feelings and it’s going to awaken all kinds of magic in your life. Eyes open. Be ready! Any and everything you do to improve the home right now improves you too! De-clutter, and spruce up the Feng Shui. Dreams and synchronicities light the way!

ScorpioSCORPIO: For you, the New Moon rises in your 3rd house of ‘mind’ and it’s your thoughts and how you direct them that are most empowered. This is where your communication skills come in to play. Use them! Focus on what you want most, speak it aloud, and watch dreams come into being.

SagittariusSAGITTARIUS: The New Moon in Capricorn can make it easy to get distracted with pragmatic concerns. This isn’t ‘bad’ though if you look deeper at your ‘resources’ you’ll see your true wealth is your core values. Use them. Meanwhile, sort your finances, make a new plan, and expect abundance in 2015.

CapricornCAPRICORN: This is your personal New Moon so take a moment to reflect on how your life is progressing. What have you accomplished in 2014? What goals do you want to set in 2015? Care to raise your sights? The sky truly is the limit, so start blasting through those set-points now!

AquariusAQUARIUS: The New Moon rises out of the land of dreams and the chaos of the unconscious mind. It’s about letting go and allowing for what you want as opposed to trying to force things to ‘make it happen’. The more you relax, let go of control and allow your intuition to guide you, the better. No resistance!

piscesPISCES: The Capricorn Moon lights up your house of friends and like-minded others. You are opening to new connections and also, perhaps, some friends are starting to drift away. Just go with the ebb and flow, releasing the urge to grasp and cling. 2015 brings leadership roles! Be ready!

Have a wonderful NEW MOON!
Namaste all! xxxKim

New Moon & Your 6th Sense


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Consulting the Oracle by John Waterhouse

Thanks everyone for joining in on the call. If you didn’t make it live, the recording is up on the main GVA page. Enjoy!

Jeannette and I will be discussing the Moon, setting the best intentions and the Body as Body as 6th sense on the GVA Free Call. Hope you can join us, or check back here to listen to the recording.

Jeannette and I will be talking about body wisdom, the Moon in your chart, nurturing styles and why they are so important for leveraging the law of attraction. It’s a chance for everyone to learn how to put Astro-LOA to practice.

Feel free to listen and/or join in, ask your questions or stream online.

If you want to use you chart as an example, please have a link to it ready either from the Gallery or your own upload. To put your chart up in the gallery, become an Open Member, then follow this simple tutorial.

November Free Call and New Moon Chat

LA – 3 pm
NY – 6 pm
LON – 11 pm
SYD – 10 am

To stream online, (or download after the call) visit Good Vibe Astrology on TalkShoe.

GoodVibeAstroD52cR06bP01ZL-Hoover6b_smlOr dial in on Phone Number: (724) 444-7444 Call ID: 25859

Open to everyone.

See you there!


What’s in a Voice?


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Orphan Black’s Tatiana Maslany

This post is reblogged from my Supernatural Underground Monthly offering.

With #NaNoWriMo in full swing, I’ve seen more than a few questions pop up in the social buzz about #VOICE. For example, a post yesterday questioned writing multiple characters. It had everyone talking.

The smartest answer?

Make it sound real.

This reminds me of ​Tatiana Maslany’s incredible delivery of – what is it now, twelve –  cloned versions of herself on Orphan Black? The writers give each character a different personality, back-story and voice, and Tatiana delivers in a way that feels authentic. Not forced.

And those accents!

Editor Ariel Hahn says voice is the absence of artifice. It’s what comes out when you have just yourself. She says not to worry though; it will develop on its own if you keep writing!

China Mieville

China Mieville puts it like this: Every book I write, the first thing I have to do is get into the voice, and the voice varies from book to book – that’s part of what’s interesting to me . . . Of course, who you’re writing for is part of the decision about the voice of the book . . . but the person you’re writing for is (sorry to repeat what is a cliche, but it’s true) yourself – though yourself at different times and in different moods.

So when I wrote Railsea, I was very much wanting to write a story for myself at a certain age. I tried to inhabit the voice that would excite and win over and appeal to and interest that me, rather than thinking “now to write to appeal to children”. I wouldn’t know how – but I do know how to tell younger-me a story he would like, I think and hope.It takes self-reflection for a writer to pull this off.

Les Edgerton suggests that the best way to find your voice is to write autobiographically. “Writers will never find a powerful, evocative voice until they learn to be bone-deep honest with themselves, open and vulnerable”.As the saying goes, if you’re a writer, who needs therapy?

Here are examples of voice in two different projects I’m currently working on:

Black Tuesday (w/t) – NY, 1926 Paranormal Romance

The secretaries were like birds on a hot wire, all a chatty flap. Hammond’s door was open, the man shouting on the phone.

    “What happened?” Charlotte asked the receptionist.

    “He was actually here!”

    “Who?” Charlotte knew perfectly well who. It was all she could do to keep from running after him.

    “Leon Marcottie!” the office girls said in unison.

    “Him?” Charlotte managed to shrug one shoulder. “I hear he’s a real cake eater . . .”

The Blood in the Beginning (w/t) – 2020, LA Urban Fantasy

The detective and I went way back, not in a cozy, family friendship way, hell no. He’d set me straight when I went a little wayward.

    Okay. A lot wayward . . .

    Rourke kept me out of juvie, for the most part, and though there’d been no luck finding decent foster care, he started me in the LA-MMA junior circuit, and that saved my life.

    “You want to fight, you might as well learn how not to get killed.”    

    When I showed up for my first class, he was leading it. Yeah, we went way back.

VOICE is like a fingerprint – if you listen closely, you’ll find the writer’s unique signature. Do you have a favorite voice in film, TV or novels? I’d love to hear more! Comments welcome. :)

I am a Supernatural Underground author writing paranormal romance, urban fantasy, YA and epic science fantasy novels out through Harpercollins Publishing Australia and USA.

You can find out more about me at or here on the 11th House Blog, and on FaceBook and Twitter.

I posts over at the Supernatural Underground on the 16th of every month. My latest release is”Blood and Water” in Supernatural Underground: Vampires Gone Wild. :)

Neptune, Redemption and the Nature of Archetypes


With Neptune empowered in the sign of Pisces, the Symbolreader offers a timely and insightful article on the and longing for unity with the divine, and redemption.
Thank you, Monika. Brilliant!

Originally posted on symbolreader:

Bassin de Neptune, Versaiiles Bassin de Neptune, Versailles

“The longing for redemption is an ancient, strange and many-headed daimon, which dwells within even the most earthbound and prosaic of souls. Sometimes eloquent and sometimes mute, this daimon aspires toward some dimly sensed union with an all-seeing, all-loving, ineffable Other, in whose encircling embrace may be found ultimate solace for the harsh limits of mortality and the frightening isolation of individuality which lie embedded somewhere, albeit unconscious, in every life. Even if we do not call the Other by any divine name, but instead direct our devotion and our yearning toward unrecognized surrogates such as humanity en masse, family, nature, art, love, or admiration for a particular person or thing. The hallmarks of the longing for redemption are, first, that it is a longing; that it is compulsive and absolute, and often collides violently with individual values; and third, that its goal is not…

View original 552 more words

Astro-LOA Flash: Fixed Signs


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Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 7.15.32 am

Astro-Clock from Io Click to Enlarge

Astro-LOA Flash: With the majority of planets in the fixed signs of Leo and Scorpio, the feeling is “stick with it.”

This is fabulous if you want to put extra miles on a project, are involved in #NaNoWrMo, or are on the final lap in accomplishing a long cherished dream.

It can also feel like wading through wet cement.

If you’re experiencing the latter, relax, and breathe, breathe breathe.

Let go of resistance, and explore Jeannette’s insights for yourself: Know All is Good.

What a thought provoking day! Enjoy.

All is Well


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Hey Everyone, this is a RE-BLOG from Jeannette Maw at It blows me away every time I hear her tell this story. Enjoy! xKim

When the vibes get kinky this is how I remind myself that life is good and all is well.

I hope you like it … (Read in full . . .)

Once upon a time I read a book by Kim Falconer called The Spell of Rosette. (It’s a fab story!)


The first night I went to sleep after starting Kim’s book, I had a life-changing dream.

In this dream I experienced everything a human being could. (You know how dreams are that way – impossible things and such.)

  • I was loved and I was abandoned.
  • I was successful and I failed.
  • I was healthy and I was sick.
  • I was adored and I was shunned.
  • I was murdered and I did murder.

I think I was even male and female. I experienced everything a person could experience in this dream. And felt every emotion a person could feel . . .  (Read in full . . .)

Full Moon Aurochs


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Lascaux cave painting of aurochs

Happy Full Moon in the powerhouse sign of the  Aurochs.

This image is an ancient form of Taurus the bull, corresponding to strong, sustaining power and.

The Aurochs is linked to the modality and element of Earth. Think fixed, grounded, stable and tenacious.

Point Taurus in the direction of a desire and she gets the job done.

L.A. – Thursday 14.13
NEW YORK – Thursday 17.23
LONDON – Thursday 22.23
SYDNEY – Friday 09.23

Astro-LOA FLASH: At 14 degrees of Taurus, the full moon is in the second or Virgo/Mercury Decan. It combines Mercury’s power of discrimination and flexibility to the stick-to-it nature of the Bull.

Sensuality is still strong, yet now it needs a more social, flirty and intellectual expression. The affinity for change and flexibility augments, making this energy Less likely to lounge around ‘chewing things over’ and more likely to take action.

This full moon links to the Uranus – Pluto square, making it personal, intimate. Tune in to synchronicity and insights that will support change (and I mean, change for the better!).

It’s a perfect time to release any old habit pattern that has survived past the use by date. Take time to think on that. What would you like to release, physically, mentally or spiritually? Now’s the time to set that intention, and let go.

NOTE: don’t despair if you aren’t seeing the results you want immediately. The thoughts you think now are like money in the bank!

AriesARIES: The focus is on personal finances, but deeper than that, your sense of self value. If you want to amp up your bank account and develop your talents and resources to their fullest, turn your attention to self-esteem. Release self-doubts.

TaurusTAURUS: Taurus Sun or rising isn’t that keen on change, but this full moon is just what you need to drop resistance and let new intentions fly free. The focus is on your ‘shop window,’ and how you relate to others. Ask what you can do for YOU!

GeminiGEMINI: This full moon brings reclusive tendencies where you go deep into the privacy of your own thoughts to awaken hidden ideas. Superficial-social, for the next few days, will not serve. Meditate, contemplate, renew. Fill the tanks; release ‘must’.

CancerCANCER: The focus is on your connection to like-minded others, friends and possibly technology and innovation. You benefit from visioning and really feeling your goals and dreams for the future. Don’t spend this one alone. Reach out.

LeoLEO: Your most cherished intentions around your work life, career, mission and profession have the longest legs right now. Forget about other concerns for the next few days and plant those psychic seed in fertile, imaginative soil. It’s happening!

VirgoVIRGO: A creature of habit, and rightly so, you maximize this full moon by changing up. Explore people, places, ideas and cultures outside your normal everyday experience. You don’t have to ‘go there'; just imagine a wider canvass. Think ‘global’.

LibraLIBRA: On the surface, deal with any debt, unresolved joint finances or tax issues. On a deeper level, this is the time to unravel the emotional generator that lies beneath. Set intentions to release any irksome creations or tolerations and they’re toast!

ScorpioSCORPIO: After the recent splash of eclipses, this is a time for you to re-set. What do you really want in your relationship world. With this powerhouse configuration driving, you gain by initiating change, clarity, and elevation to the next level.

SagittariusSAGITTARIUS: Set intentions around harmony in the work place, increased sense of adventure in your daily life and optimal, energetic, fabulous health. The more you let go of any gremlin vibe or grudges, the freer you’ll feel. Relax and release limiting beliefs!

CapricornCAPRICORN: Anything that gives you a chance to shine, to express your individuality and amp up your creative pleasure is perfect for this full moon. It’s about knowing what you love, and finding ways to do more of that, every day!

AquariusAQUARIUS: This is were you get clarity around home, domestic and family desires. What wants changing? Improving? Imagine it now. On a deeper level, get to the core of your inner world, the heart of your emotional stability, and make a wish.

piscesPISCES: If you’re thinking of improving your education, starting a study group, writing, teaching, learning or training, now is the perfect time to give that a go. The more you open up the channels of communication, the more abundance you attract!


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October Roundtable


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Consulting the Oracle by John Waterhouse

The recording for this Roundtable is up on the GVA main page. What a great discussion. Thank you everyone for joining in!

Jeannette and I will be tabling your Astrology and Law of Attraction questions tomorrow over at GVA. It’s a chance for everyone to learn how to put Astro-LOA to practice.

Feel free to listen and/or join in, ask your questions or stream online.

If you want to use you chart as an example, please have a link to it ready either from the Gallery or your own upload.

October 29/30 GVA Roundtable

LA – 3 pm
NY – 6 pm
LON – 11 pm
SYD – 9 am

To stream online, (or download after the call) visit Good Vibe Astrology on TalkShoe.

GoodVibeAstroD52cR06bP01ZL-Hoover6b_smlOr dial in on Phone Number: (724) 444-7444 Call ID: 25859

Open to everyone.

See you there!



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