Kim’s Readings 2015

Hi Everyone,
My readings will explore your natal and transit astrology, (when applicable looking at progressions, Draconic zodiac and returns) in relationship to your questions – money, love, prosperity, creativity, fitness and health, career, home, family, happiness, growth and spirituality.

These readings are perfect for those wanting a Law of Attraction approach to finding ‘gremlins’, identifying true desires, raising awareness of conflicts and tolerations (and how to let them go) and walking the road of joy, fulfillment and success.

Read what people are saying in the Rave Reviews.

10% of all my readings goes to the IS_Foundation. Thank you for your support and for making this a better world to live in!


Kim Falconer logo The Year Ahead – 2015 This is an audio, MP3 recording delivered to you via a download link, or a PDF file. Here I explore the year ahead in a ‘cut to the chase’ style, looking at your transits and addressing any key areas of interest/activation. Like the Solar Return below, it’s a ‘preview of coming attractions’, a way to help you pre-pave the energy of the upcoming year. This reading will help you set up your best alignment for the upcoming year, supporting and bringing insight to your goals, wishes and desires in every area of life. As with all my readings, there is a law of attraction approach to help you shift into the life you really want.  Approx 35+ minutes audio or PDF format – $120.00AUD

Kim Falconer logo The Solar Return an audio, MP3 recording delivered to you via a download link, or a PDF file. Here I explore the Solar Return, a chart created each year, on your birthday, the moment in time the sun returns to the exact birth position. These readings are like ‘previews of coming attractions’, a way to help you pre-pave the energy of the upcoming year. (Best done on or near your birthday) These charts offer support, showing where to launch, explore, meditate, reflect, let go or amp up, as each area of life is discussed. As with all my readings, there is a law of attraction approach to help you shift into the life you really want. Delivered in a downloadable MP3 audio file. Approx 35+ minutes or PDF format – $120.00AUD

Kim Falconer logo Transit Reading and Astro-Query: This is audio only – an MP3 recording delivered to you via a download link. Here I explore the deeper issues underneath the question you have, along with support for the next 12 months, while offering law of attraction coaching to help you shift into the life you really want. Covers transits, natal chart. Will also include the AP, Vertex and Returns/progressions/Draconic if they are relevant to your specific questions. The reading is delivered in a downloadable MP3 audio file. Approx 45 minutes – or PDF format $197.00AUD

Kim Falconer logo Synastry and Composite: This is a 60 minute recording that covers your natal chart in comparison with another person’s, along with the ‘composite’ chart of the relationship (business, intimate, parental or friendship). The asteroids Psyche and Eros are included. It is delivered in a downloadable MP3 Audio file. Includes my law of attraction approach and coaching to help you pre-pave the relationship of your dreams. $327.00 AUD (Audio only)

Kim Falconer logo Transit Update – for those who have had readings from me in the last seven years, (and I have your chart on file), the Transit Update is a new look at what’s happening now and in the upcoming year. Approx 35+ Minutes or PDF format $120.00 AUD

Kim Falconer logo Horary Chart– This reading delineates the Horary Chart, a horoscope drawn for the moment in time a question is asked. Email me your question first and if the chart is ‘readable,’ we can proceed. More about Horary questions here. PDF only – $99.00 AUD

Kim Falconer logo Location is Everything – This reading delineates your *Astro-Carto-Graphy* your natal chart laid out over the world map. From this reading you can discover the best places on the planet for health, abundance, success, relationship, love, creativity, and any trouble spots better to avoid, or move to fully prepared. PDF only$99.00 AUD

To schedule any readinkim007g, please Email me (kim at falconastrology dot com) with the reading of choice in the subject bar.

Please include your birth data (Example: January 1, 1970; 1:34 PM; Mytown, My State, USA).

I’ll send you a paypal request when your name comes up (I’ll shoot you an email to let you know if there is a wait list). Note if you want a PDF or MP3 link, when there is the option.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Learn more about Astrology and LOA at Good Vibe Astrology.

Want to learn more about Astrology and the Law of Attraction?

I’m also offering year round is access to’s Inner Circle.

If you want to increase your understanding of your own chart and learn how to use this empowering tool to enhance your life, help with decision making and boost your deliberate creation savvy, consider become a charter member of the Inner Circle.

The Inner Circle (IC for short) is for anyone who wants tutoring, support and community for their Astro-LOA learning and personal or coaching practicing. You will have access to me through emails, calls, the private forum and one on one SCYPE. Jeannette is there too, adding her wisdom to the knowledge base. You’ll also have access to everything hosted at GVA. This includes:

A free seat to new GVA courses

Access to all past courses including:

 – – Essential Astrology for Deliberate Creators
 – – Astrology for Deliberate Creators
 – – Sex Secrets: What Your Astrology Can Tell You
 – – Path to Abundance
– –  Transform with Transits

Full access to audio and video library. Inner Circle members have access to the complete course library including all the files, articles, videos, archived calls, etc.

Monthly group calls: You can join the monthly IC calls live, stream them online or listen to the recordings at your convenience. Each month will have a theme and area of focus.

Private group forum for IC members. This is where we discuss hands on case studies, share ideas and knowledge and look at each others charts as examples.

Private skype calls with Kim for one on one conversations, extra tutoring, guidance and support.

Email access for private conversations with Kim and/or Jeannette

Become a  Member for $77 a month tuition (this is a recurring subscription), which you can suspend at any time. Email me if you have any questions.

* * *

My friend Kerry Lena is also doing readings in 2014. The Oracle Reading is a channeling, a reflection from a Higher Source, very similar to the oracle visions of ancient days. It’s a potent look at your current situation and where things are headed unless you deliberately create change (by changing your outlook and perspective). People find this reading deeply revealing, especially if they have a specific question or issue

The Oracle Reading $80.00
Tarot Reading $80.00

Combination Oracle and Tarot $150.00

Kerry Lena’s background includes:

• Aura-Soma Practitioner Level III
• Aura-Soma Beamer Light Pen Level II
• Usui Reiki Master
• Cert Sekhem Seichem Reiki
• Cert Egyptian Energy Healing
• Diploma in Remedial Massage
• Cert Hahana Hot Stone Massage
• Cert Chi Gong Healing and Massage
• Cert Golden Ray Healing
• Metaphyiscal, Esoteric, Tarot & Spiritual training & practice for 40+ years

Read Oracle Messages from Kerry Lena

If you would like a reading, email me – moloneydotkerryatgmaildotcome), and please include your question/situation. I’ll send a PayPal request and get started right away.

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