Courses & Readings 2017

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Astrology, Karma and the Law of Attraction

How the past can unlock your future ….

This newest of our astrology courses will include topics on Karma, the LOA view, reincarnation, aspects in the birth chart and how they, along with your sign and house placements, can be understood in terms reincarnation and LOA.

Once the groundwork is laid, and you have a handle on your natal chart, the exploration expands into ideas of past lives, genetic memory and the collective unconscious as we learn to release the past and move into a more fulfilling NOW. For a list of topic, read on …

Past Astrology Courses Available Now

All GVA courses are available to GVA members, at any time. We encourage questions and discussion in the comments section of each one, and also at the start of our monthly GVA Calls.

#1 Essential Astrology and Law of Attraction

Join us as we walk you through the signs, planets, houses and aspects so you can begin to master the language of the universe.

#2 Astrology for Deliberate Creators

This is a ‘Hands On’ course with example charts and ongoing Q & A with Kim and Jeannette in the comments and on calls.

#3 Path to Abundance 

This course is designed and delivered by Kim and Jeannette to help you leverage the Law of Attraction in alignment with your personal astrology to release any money issues and let the good times roll!

#4 Sex Secrets – What your Astrology Reveals

This three module course will show you how to awaken your true passions and manifest more, better, ‘in the vortex’ sex by exploring the secrets in your astrology and leveraging the law of attraction.

#5 Transform with Transits

Discover the meaning of the transits from Moon to Pluto and their law of attraction correlations in this ten module course lead by Kim Falconer and Jeannette Maw.

#6 Purpose, Path and Identity Expansion

This power-packed course is your fast track to the ultimate alignment. By tapping talents, skill, aptitude and authentic life path – learning how to identify with and follow your bliss – you’ll begin to manifest your deepest driving desires. Together we will use the astrology chart as a Law of Attraction tool and help you shift your identity to align with your world of dreams come true.

#7 Exploring Solar, Lunar and Planetary Returns

Learning how to read planetary returns provides insights into how a transit will unfold, what kind of energy is on offer – for an upcoming month, year or decades. Return charts show us the best ways to navigate the present, pre-pave the future, and use law of attraction know-how to align with what you really want. Nine modules/recordings.

#8 Astro-Biz – Reveal Your Rock Star Entrepreneur

We each have our own unique path to professional success as a freelancer, service provider, or CEO of our own gig. Astro-Biz will help entrepreneurs leverage inherent astro-programming to achieve rock star success in businesses. Whether you’re just launching or are ready to reach new heights, this intimate study of your natal chart will reveal your best secrets to success.

#9 Chart Reading Like a Pro

How to answer the top 6 questions every client asks! Want to clear up any hesitation when it comes to reading charts for friends, family and clients? If reading a chart has confused you in the past, here’s your chance to gain the confidence you need to take your Astro-LOA practice to the next level. The course runs over 14 modules with a series of recorded calls.

#10 Manifesting Romance with your Stars

What’s your style of love? Are you being true to your stars? There are specific key elements to look at in your chart that will reveal your true love path. By knowing yours and being true to it, you’ll find love and relationships much easier to navigate than when you’re following anothers style/rules. In this three module course, you will learn to activate your authentic love vibe while navigating the ins and outs of dating, partnership and commitment.

Astrology Readings 2017

My readings are listed in the Astrology Shop at They exkim007plore a variety of questions, looking at your natal and transit astrology, and, when applicable, progressions, Draconic zodiac, astr*Carto*Graphy, Solar returns, Horary, Electional, Karma & Past lives  in relationship to your questions  on – money, love, prosperity, creativity, fitness and health, career, home, family, happiness, growth and spirituality.

These readings are perfect for those wanting a Law of Attraction approach to finding ‘gremlins’, identifying true desires, raising awareness of conflicts and tolerations (and how to let them go) and walking the road of joy,ed fulfillment and success.

Read what people are saying in the Rave Reviews.

To schedule any reading, please Email me (align at GoodVibeAstrology dot com) with the reading of choice in the subject bar.

Please include your birth data (Example: January 1, 1970; 1:34 PM; Mytown, My State, USA).

See the Astrology Shop for details.

Learn more about Astrology and LOA at Good Vibe Astrology



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